Live Earth Trust

Live Earth Trust : Registered Charity No : 328709


                      The Earth is Alive !

 and all the creatures,

including our species, the plants and mineral world 

and  all the natural elements are a part of that life.

   Which is why we say.   

This is a Live Earth’




Inherent in the Live Earth discovery of the Major / Planetary Common Bond and its associated function, lie the roots and basis of what we feel will become the pre-eminent mechanism for creating and establishing Peace.

All war and discord can be traced back to root senses of separation. This, it is now possible to demonstrate, is simply not so.  With the removal of this false basis that was generating paradigms of separation and hence fear Peace is the natural result.

Through our development of processes in this area we feel sure that we will arrive at a full working ability to communicate this effectively.  This can then be passed to Governments and Peace Agencies, to be employed with consultancy back up if required from Live Earth Consultancy.

We see the establishment of the Live Earth Game and Area Co-ops on an increasingly global scale as organically transcending national boundaries and differences and establishing rapport and understanding in the common cause and through the developing Global Live Earth Common Bond.

We feel it also to develop a version of this that can be used proactively in situations of extreme strife.