Live Earth Trust

Live Earth Trust : Registered Charity No : 328709


                      The Earth is Alive !

 and all the creatures,

including our species, the plants and mineral world 

and  all the natural elements are a part of that life.

   Which is why we say.   

This is a Live Earth’


Game of Balance & Celebration

If the Area Co-ops are the basic building block of Live Earth then The Game of Balance & Celebration (GoBaC)  is the main plank.

Without doubt this will in our view prove to be the natural mechanism for triggering human societies around the world to move to a sustainable way of being and for connecting all peoples and societies not only to each other but also into nature and all our fellow species, the mineral kingdom and the natural elements.

The Game of Balance & Celebration takes the basic elements of Live Earth and what is required to render life sustainable in a practical manner and mixes them with celebration and turns them into a wonderful interlocking game that can be played on the individual / family, local, county / state, national, continental and global levels with each level feeding into the one above it.

Part of the inspiration for this came from the Game of Beo created by the Living Waters Foundation in Scotland, ‘Beo’ being Gaelic for Life.

Obviously change is challenging for people both individually and collectively. What the GoBaC does is to bring celebration and good cheer into the equation to balance out the enormity of the situation and the changes that are now needed by us all. As humans we need to be able to raise our spirits when we are confronted with challenge in order to develop the will and impetus to succeed.  The threads of celebration permeate every level and we regard celebration as a force of ‘social lubrication’ a kind of ‘oil in the machine’ or ‘juice in the plant’ that helps make everything work and cohere and come ‘alive’.

Most wonderfully we feel that this will create a new and vital social purpose and function for the performing arts.

We visualise launching the Game of Balance & Celebration in about 3 years time when the Area Co-ops have taken off and are spreading. We imagine these as acting as coordinated anchoring points in society to ground and unfold the GoBaC into mainstream society.

By this stage with working models in place we expect to have the Government both National and Local involved which will of course expedite the launch. The GoBaC opens the door to an unprecedented possibility for the sustainable harmonisation of society at the local and national levels of government which will take society to a new level.

At this stage the Corporate GoBaC will also be launched by Live Earth Consultancy as well. This will give the Corporate sector the developed connectivity to join their ‘Games’ into the local or national levels.

We anticipate that Live Earth will have self seeded to other parts of the world by this time and as we create our own Local – National Games we will create the blueprint for how to do this, for other countries so they can organise their ‘Games’.

We feel this will then trigger off the Global Game of Balance & Celebration as the National Games converge.  This will then act to redefine and reorganise the United Nations and associated bodies as they take on the coordinating of the Global Game of Balance & Celebration as their primary function.

This will, we trust lead ,in the not too distant future, to a human planetary society that lives in harmony and balance with itself and nature in One Planet Living and so triumphantly achieving the Great Turning, away from the delusion of ‘separation’ and associated destruction to the warm living reality of ‘connection’ and natural ease and sustainability within the dancing parameters of this blue pearl of a planet of ours.

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