Live Earth Trust

Live Earth Trust : Registered Charity No : 328709


                      The Earth is Alive !

 and all the creatures,

including our species, the plants and mineral world 

and  all the natural elements are a part of that life.

   Which is why we say.   

This is a Live Earth’


Live Earth Area Co-ops

The Live Earth Area Co-ops (LEAC’s) are the basic building block of Live Earth.  Their intention and purpose is to draw together all the people in a locality who would like society to move to a sustainable basis and who actively would like to reduce their carbon and environmental footprints to a One Planet level.  The co-operative patterning  then creates the necessary strength and connectivity for these people to achieve these aims backed up by the integrated schemes on offer.


At the heart of the LEAC’s is the Common Bond.


A Live Earth Area Co-op is for people who feel that


  • they are part of the Earth / Nature / Planet
  • all things and all beings are interconnected
  • all things and beings are worthy of respect
  • they would like human society to develop in a sustainable and harmonious manner.
  • This is the ‘Common Bond’ of Live Earth


    What this does is hugely significant.  By joining into this a person steps out of the prevalent social misperception that we as individuals and as a species are in some way separate from each other, Nature and the Earth and all its processes and into a new area of natural organic reality, that is now attested to by all of science to the point that understanding this is a matter of primary school biology and the subject of endless wonderful TV programmes.

    This act of redefining social honesty is the prerequisite for the regeneration of a sustainable society. Just as in our own lives when if we want them to work harmoniously we need to be honest about ourselves and the basic reality of our relations with others.

    Its simple, from honesty about connection comes harmony and from the incorrect perception of separation comes disorder. We only have to look at a teenager’s bedroom to understand this!

    The Common Bond is the fundamental principle and is borrowed from the Credit Union movement.  The Credit Union movement is one of the oldest and most successful banking structures in the world.  It has worked for almost 150 years. The function of the common bond is to provide the ‘glue’ that holds communities together.  This can be geographical, work based, religious, ethnic etc etc.  These are all examples of ‘minor common bonds’ that work well for their members but they do of course have inside’s and outside’s and therefore exclude others.

    Live Earth is based upon the simple recognition of the Live Earth or Planetary Common Bond. This is of course the recognition that everyone and everything is a part of the Planet / Life / Nature whether they realise it or not. This is the Major Common Bond and contains all the minor ones just as a fruit basket might contain apples.

    The Live Earth Common Bond excludes no one or anything but recognises that everything is part of the whole and that this is fundamental biological and physical reality. It therefore creates a natural place and acceptance for all things. 

    From this comes a natural sense of belonging which in turn gives rise to a sense of respect for all things and the natural impulse to care for and nurture life in its myriad forms.

    This is the power and function of the Live Earth Common Bond.

    Another image of it is that of the axle that a wheel turns on and this is a most practical picture. It gives community its genuine root to draw upon for growth, resolution and nurture.

    It also automatically develops and delivers modularity in that if my community and your community are both based upon the Live Earth Common Bond then they have a deep working connection.

    So here we have the basic start point for a virtuous circle for society in contrast to the vicious circle that we currently inhabit.

    It is simple, if we pretend that we are separate from each other and nature, we generate a ‘vicious circle’ as is attested to by history. 

    If we accept and recognise that we and everything else are all part of Nature / Life / the Planet then we generate a ‘virtuous circle’ because we are being honest.


    To start with and make the pattern for Area Coops we are targeting those citizens who already strive for a green and balanced lifestyle, hence the orientation of this pattern. Once the pattern is made in a cocreative manner it will then be possible to adapt and move it over into other more mainstream sections of society. What is important are the underlying dynamics, they can be adapted by any section of society to suit their needs and specific cultural requirements. The important things are the mechanisms and dynamics, the details may be freely adapted.

    For a more detailed overview of the Live Earth Area Co-op please see the Format page which is the next button.


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