Live Earth Trust

Live Earth Trust : Registered Charity No : 328709


                      The Earth is Alive !

 and all the creatures,

including our species, the plants and mineral world 

and  all the natural elements are a part of that life.

   Which is why we say.   

This is a Live Earth’



The Live Earth Trust exists to research, develop and implement sustainable social patterning that is based in the recognition of the biological / physical interconnectedness of all things on this planet.

 After lengthy research into the human condition and the unsustainable nature of current human society, in particular western society, we discovered that all human difficulties arise from the misperception that we as individuals and as a species are in some way separate from nature and the physical world from which we have emerged and which we share with all the other species.

 We have taken this insight and applied it to the development of sustainable human society.  From this point has come spiralling out, beautiful natural organic social patterns and models with all the interconnectedness and modularity to regenerate a sustainable integrated society that is integrated not only with itself but also with Nature and the Planet.

 Realising that to percolate into and transform the mainstream of society the patterning had to be not only easily accessible but also enjoyable we blended in social games, play and celebratory formats which has led to the development of a simply wonderful raft of celebratory social patterning that will work at the individual, family, community, town, area, corporate, country and global levels.

 Without a shadow of a doubt the Live Earth patterning is more than capable of restoring human society to a sustainable, fair and enjoyable for all basis.  Once it is up and running it is capable of not only returning society to 'One Planet Living'  and balancing out our impact on the climate but also of remedying the social malaises that afflict our societies.  Significantly it also has the profoundest ramifications for Peace between nations and peoples.

 We think of it as cooperative social software in that when it is 'installed' it will create natural order and balance as it is based in reality, which leads to harmony.

                               We say that Live Earth is

the Celebratory Social Software for Sustainability of the 21st Century


           Live Earth = Social Permaculture